Dr. Kamal Jabbour, ST started the Advanced Course in Engineering (ACE) Cyber Security Boot Camp with 12 AFROTC cadets and 2 civilians. The 10-week program educated interns on the science of information assurance, and trained them on the art of cyber warfare. The leadership development component focused on problem solving through technical excellence, communication skills and on-time performance. Capt Raphael Mudge, a graduate of the inaugural program, summed up best what he learned in a recent blog here.


We expanded the program through congressional add-on funds, and included Army and Navy ROTC cadets.


ACE was designated as a CSAF Special Interest Item, and funded through the Air University POM for 5 years. We also expanded cyber outreach from the lab onto the schools (we helped create the first high school cyber course in the nation.


ACE transitioned to AFIT; we refocused our cyber outreach activities in RI to an IA research internship to solve critical AF research problems using Sec 219 funds and industry partnerships. Interns learned about mission assurance in a contested cyber environment by operating "left of the threat."


AFIT cancelled ACE. RI expanded the IA internship to accommodate displaced ACE cadets and assure the AF a pipeline of cyber researchers. Our first RAF officer cadet joined the program, allowing a shift to a coalition environment.


We expanded the program to include USAFA, USNA, British Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, British Army/ MOD civilians. The program represents a coming together of expertise and lessons learned throughout this rich history. With 32 interns this year, the program continues to grow in both size and prestige.